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2015 MD Helicopters 530F

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Aircraft Information Reference #: HE032417A
  • Registration:  N530FM
  • Serial No:  253FF
  • Location:  Florida, USA
  • 169 Hours Since New
Engine:  Rolls Royce 250-C30 Engine -650 SHP (485 Kw)
  • 169 Hours Since New
  • All Over Light Grey
  • Ready For Custom Accent Paint Scheme
  • Crew Seats with 4-Point Harness Restraint
  • Rear Passenger Seats with 3-Point Harness Restraint
  • Vinyl and Fabric Cushions
  • Crew and Cabin Compartment Floor Carpet
  • Black Vinyl Interior Trim Panels
  • Garmin GMA 350H Audio Panel, Stereo
  • Garmin G500H Dual Screen Flight Display
  • Garmin GTR 225 Transceiver
  • Garmin GTN 650H COM/GPS/NAV
  • Garmin HSVT Enablement Card, G500H
  • ME406HM ELT
  • Bose A20 Headset
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Digital Chronometer
  • Collective Hobbs Meter
  • Magnetic Vertical Card Compass
  • Dual USB Charge Port
  • Dual Cabin Lapel Cords, ICS, (Bose A20 Compatible)
  • Garmin GTX 33H Transponder, Remote, Mode ACS, TIS
  • Free Flight RA4500 Radar Altimiter, G500H Enablement, Collective-Off
  • Dual LH Command Flight Controls
  • Extended Landing Gear
  • Carbide Skid Shoes
  • Skid Mirror
  • Passenger Steps
  • Fuselage Hard Points
  • Cargo Tie-Down Fittings
  • Heater Defogger System
  • Slant Panel Pedestal
  • Landing Light, Nose Mounted
  • LED Anti-Collision Lights (2)
  • LED Position Lights
  • Instrument Lighting
  • Cockpit Utility Light
  • Cabin Convenience Light
  • NVISB Interior Lighting STC
  • Low Rotor RPM Warning Light
  • Wire Strike Protection System, STC
  • LH Rotor Brake
  • Main Transmission Chip Detector Warn Light
  • Main Transmission Oil Pressure Warn Light
  • Main Transmission Oil Temp Warn Light
  • Tail Rotor Transmission Chip Detector Light
  • Engine Chip Detector Warning Light
  • Cockpit & Cabin Rapid Door Removal Hinges
  • Tinted Door Window Panels
  • Tinted Canopy Panels
  • Meeker Engine Bay Quick Release Hinges
  • Paravion Cockpit Door Openers
  • Retractable Nightscanner Plus HID - 700K
  • 64-Gallon (242 L) Fuel System
  • Fargo 21 Gallon Aux Fuel STC
  • 200-Amp Starter Generator
  • AFS Engine Inlet Barrier Filter
  • Automatic Engine Reignition
  • Concorde RG 500 Lead Acid Sealed Battery
  • Battery Overtemp Warning Light
  • Cabin 28-Volt Utility Outlet
  • DC Ammeter
  • Keyed Locks (4)
  • Engine Anti-Ice
  • Engine Wash Kit, MD500-Series
  • Facet Oil Filter
  • External Power Receptacle
  • Seat Pan Inspection Panels
  • Cabin Soundproofing
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System
  • Outside Air Temp Indicator
  • Ground Handling Wheels
  • Heated Pitot System
  • Pitot Tube Cover
  • Main Rotor Blade Tie Downs
  • Engine Exhaust Cover
  • Engine Inlet Cover
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Rain Gutter Set
  • Flight Manual
  • First Aid Kit
  • Map Case
  • Jacking Fittings
  • Interior Comfort Windows - Cockpit Pop & Cabin Pop Vents
  • Onboard Systems Cargo Hook, Talon LC Keeperless, Hydraulic Release
Asking Price:   $2,500,000 USD

Aircraft Subject To Availability & Verification Of Specifications

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